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Unparalleled Vehicle Security with Thatcham Approved Trackers

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AES101’s Cutting-Edge Partnership with Scorpion Automotive: Elevate Your Vehicle Security with Top-Notch Trackers

We’re thrilled to introduce our collaboration with Scorpion Automotive, a leading name in vehicle security solutions. Through this partnership, we proudly offer a range of premium trackers that are not only Thatcham approved and insurance approved but also hold the esteemed position of being preferred by law enforcement agencies. With an impressive recovery success rate of 96%, our trackers provide unparalleled protection for your vehicle.


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Thatcham Approval: Elevating Your Vehicle's Protection with Premium Tracker Solutions

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Global Coverage: Our trackers offer global coverage, ensuring that your vehicle’s location can be accurately determined even across vast distances. This global reach is crucial for quick recovery, no matter where your vehicle ends up.

Tow Away Alerts: With our trackers, you’ll receive instant notifications if your vehicle is being towed away without your authorization. This early alert system adds a layer of security against theft attempts.

Key Cloning Protection (Driver Tag): As an additional safeguard against key cloning, our trackers come with a driver tag. This advanced technology ensures that only the authorized driver’s tag can initiate ignition, preventing unauthorized access.

Automatic Immobilizer (Optional Extra): For an extra layer of security, you have the option to include an automatic immobilizer feature. This means your vehicle can’t be started without the authorized driver tag, effectively deterring even the most determined thieves.

Thatcham Approval, Insurance Approval, Police Preference: Rest assured, our trackers have undergone rigorous testing and earned the approval of Thatcham, insurance companies, and the police. This validation signifies the effectiveness of our trackers in deterring theft and aiding in successful recoveries.

Seamless Integration: Our skilled technicians ensure that these trackers are seamlessly integrated into your vehicle, maintaining its aesthetics while fortifying its security.

At AES101, we’re committed to offering the highest standards of vehicle security. With our partnership with Scorpion Automotive, you can trust us to provide you with the latest and most effective tracking solutions. Elevate your vehicle’s protection with our Thatcham-approved, insurance-approved, and police-preferred trackers. Contact us today to learn more and to take the first step towards securing your vehicle like never before.


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